Are Chicken Pox Parties A Good Idea?

21 October 2015
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Have you ever been invited to a chicken pox party? Or, more accurately, has your child ever been invited to a chicken pox party? On the surface, it might sound like a good idea to expose your children to this disease so they can be infected while still young and be immune to it from then on. But before you RSVP, take some time to learn about chicken pox and why a pox party might not be in your child's best interest. Read More 

Four Period Products You Have Got To Try

22 September 2015
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All women who have periods know that they are a pain. However, there are many innovations that can help make it easier. Here are four things you can try.  1. Period panties. These amazing inventions can hold up to two tampons' worth of blood without leaking. You will never fear a leak again, including at night. These are perfect to wear while you are waiting for your period to start, with a tampon during your heavy days, and during the light days at the end. Read More